Vision: distilling the quest & finding brand direction

Beloved Entrepreneur(ess),

If you don’t know where you’re going, then how will you get there?

My agenda is to shake you with love so you will take the steps, big or small, to reveal your vision. Your soul’s vision guides you to manifest your dream business and brand. Together we will create a graceful and meaningful marketing strategy.

An entrepreneuer(ess) without a vision is a business without brand direction.

Your brand embodies your beliefs. A brand is how people feel and think about you and your business: it’s your identity. Your brand is based-upon values that you build your business upon, and the mission statement that guides you. Your brand is your voice across networks and your visual aesthetic. It’s your online reputation, and the presentation of your work.

Your brand exudes your resonance. If implemented correctly it creates customer loyalty, and it gives you credibility. The vibe of your brand is how you call in your dream team.

Sounds a bit complicated right? Not to worry, all becomes clear once we begin to embody our unique Vision.

Beyond the Wanderer: honor your journey & know your Self. 

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I’ve wandered solo past Timbuktu to touch ancient arts and cultures.

I’ve traversed the Himalayas in search of pure knowledge.

And, I’ve voyaged across American mountain ranges to find true reverence in my heart for my homeland … beyond social and political distortions.

Like you, I’ve experienced so much suffering, so much joy … so much life. My journeys have made me richer than any sum of money. The vision I’ve held throughout these journeys is one of epic grandeur and immense proportions.

I’ve always known that our wildest dreams are just there waiting for us having grown up with a grandmother who was a Starlet in Classic Hollywood and a Queen in India at the end of the British Raj Era. You can read more about her story Memoirs of a Maharani HERE.

And so, I ventured forth into the world in search of something miraculous: studying with great peace scholars in India, watching the sunrise over Mt. Sinai, jumping off decadent ships into the emerald green waters in Halong Bay and submerging myself into mystical practices on remote islands to explore beyond the veil.

What I’ve found on my voyage is that our vision is always with us.

The original impulse of our unknown vision takes the form of intrepid wandering: forming us through experience. And it becomes our guiding vision, giving knowledge to steer the ship to realize our highest Self.

We glorify the global wanderer. How wonderful to be free; to roam, to explore the unknown and to find ourselves by becoming lost. And yet, what happens when we fumble to find ourselves?

We’re caught in a whirlpool without direction: tediously tied to an unsustainable and escapist fantasy of a life not our own. If we’re eternally wandering how will we reach our destination ?

To evolve beyond the Wanderer is to become the captain of your own ship. Through distillation of our experiences we can deeply understand our vision.

Our vision was in fact the original wandering impulse. And, it is the key to unlock the treasure trove of our infinite abundance: embodying our highest Self.

Are you ready to embody your vision? Only you know if its time to synthesize the significance of your aimless journeys. Are you ready to stand firm in what you’ve found: your life’s purpose?

The life cycle of the Wanderer is vital to shape us. And yet, there is a time when we’re no longer lost in the sea of infinite possibilities. The time inevitably arises when we find our purpose in life.

The moment comes when you know, without a doubt, your vision. 


Or perhaps you see your vision, but struggle to connect it back to where you stand now. You’re not able to ground your vision in reality, but are well on your way. 

The path of the Global Wanderer inevitably leads us to learn from suffering. Our travels bring suffering and joy to give us the wisdom we were seeking all along.

I was blessed with a recent interview with Gabrielle Bernstein, best selling author of Miracles Now. When I asked her what she brought back from her wanderings the writer replied,

“When I think of wandering, I think of detouring in the wrong direction. When I detour in the wrong direction, I always bring back more wisdom.”

Likewise, my interview with Tommy Rosen of Recover 2.0 also laughingly said, “a lot of suffering, which is really good though!” when asked the same question.

Tell Your Heart That

There is a time to wander. And, there is a time to be found. 

We expand beyond our wildest dreams to reach unknown places: we falter, we fail, we get up and try again and again. We bump up against the edge of the universe. Battle scars inevitably result.

We become stronger.

Yet, if we become jaded by our journey then we’re blocked from our original impulse. Our pure vision is made muddy. The journey was for not. Decompression, and the time to integrate what we’ve learned is crucial.

Charting the Course: the captain of her own ship.1003936_10100486031810571_3742354723161205970_n 

The path of wandering opens us to life’s infinite possibilities. Our post-wandering mission is to refine our experiences. Through this distillation process we come back to the reasons why we began our wanderings to begin with.

What were we looking for to begin with?

Your vision is one of the most pure, divine perfections: heaven~on~earth. My intention is to empower you to call that heaven here~and~now to be with you always: to make your vision real.

Are you endlessly chasing a dream?

Just like the simplicity of a childhood tale: if you ever go looking for your heart’s desire you will find that you never really lost it to begin with. No one can take your vision from you, it can’t be lost. It can only be buried, hidden like a treasure revealed after a heavy fog lifts.

When we allow ourselves to just be: then we know (deeply in our hearts), that we are the reality that we seek. That the mirage in the desert of our wanderings is unreal. It is a great game of pretending that we were ever really lost.

We know who we are, we just have to remember. If now is the time to reclaim your birth right, and be the captain of your own destiny then keep reading. This is the greatest journey of all.

How to Realize Your Vision: distilling the subtle essence …

Once we’ve found ourselves, and synthesized the many impressions we’ve gathered. We make our offering: full of heart, full of knowing, full of experience…

We refine the myriad of endless possibilities to make our unique contribution to the world. We process the dazzling array of variables. And distill the essence of all that we’ve revealed through our quest.

The distillation of our experience is what makes your vision unique.

I offer seven juicy, sacred and intimate assignments to reveal your vision in my LiveYourDream journal. You can download it from the sidebar!

The hidden costs of not knowing your vision. 


Your higher Self is palpable, ever present, ready and waiting to flood you with brilliant light. To illuminate your vision is to be guided to the shores of your highest potential.

Imagine never realizing your true potential. What would your unrealized dreams cost you? You troll around in waste lands of dying dreams, good ideas lay bleeding and gutted on the road side. This is not a pretty site. Time to stop hobbling over to the wrong side of the tracks when a beautiful vision awaits you.

Remember when you were a child, your mind flowing like a school of fish taking different shapes and forms … contemplating the richness of the unknown universe. If not be sure to instantly receive my LiveYourDream journal and do the inner-child, dream-excavation writing exercise in the side bar.

A bounty awaits you on the other side of blockages and fear.

Our dreams can be a nightmare, a curse, they can plague us and even destroy us if they go without being illuminated for too long. Have you ever seen someone riddled by their unrealized dreams: a trapped soul unable to bring heaven to earth?

Our life’s purpose is to shed light upon our dreams. Yet, we have untold desires, songs left unsung. We’ve repressed our imaginations, neglected to cultivate our fantasies. We’ve shunned our treasure in order to fit into a bland box.

The Radiant Woman 


And then, we meet someone who is radiant. A woman who glows. She who holds the vision.

Through her transmission of grace, joy, innocence and love we are awakened again to our gifts. We begin to carefully unfold the tendrils of our deepest desire, our hidden joys, the love for life we’ve buried away. Those visions that once seemed so unattainable, unreachable, unfathomable become real through her embodiment.

Those woman are ready and waiting to guide you to a higher vision. Read my blog post The Pure Joy of the Shakti Sisterhood to find out more HERE.

A mini-practice to open to receive your vision.


You’ve heard of an Indigenous Vision Quest, and you’ve seen the cultural appropriation of this profound journey. You’v read The Alchemist, and other great literary journeys and been inspired to go the distance. Perhaps, you’ve seized the opportunity to voyage. Or maybe you’re waiting for the right moment to take off and explore your unknown potential: to be daring, to encounter new possibilities, to realize your dream.

Knowing that our vision is all-important. How do you solidify your dream? How do we make concrete that dream in the clouds? Your business and your brand are one way to bring your vision to life.

I invite you on a journey into conscious business. Together we will unveil what you’ve known all along: your secret power pending in the depths … waiting to be accessed. You can’t ignore it. You may try to silence the vision from arising, but this temporary fix is like two hair pins trying to hold back the flood gates of a massive river.

Here is a 5 step mini practice to get you started. Take your time, and give it a try without expectations: 

1. Be still.

2. Draw your senses inward.

3. Observe the breath.

4. Draw your attention to the crown of your head.

5. Visualize an opening in your crown to receive infinite possibilities.

Know that it’s your birthright to realize your vision.  Your pure potential is streaming through your veins. Brilliant, vivid, unparalleled…

Want more?

In my Live Your Dream journal I invite you on a journey to explore your inner dreamscape, and reveal your vision. Through seven juicy, sacred and intimate assignments your vision will be revealed. You can instantly download your LiveYourDream journal in the sidebar.

The great journey to reveal your inner truth, your soul’s calling and your life’s purpose is beckoning. It’s your time to shine your heart. May your vision be clear, steady and vast.

The Quest

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