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Be struck in the heart by one of India’s greatest artists and her persevering passion to awaken the indomitable human spirit of sex-trafficked girls in Calcutta.

Award-winning dance Master Anurekha Ghosh trains sexually abused, trafficked girls in classical Indian dance for the stage in Calcutta.

Over 100 million women and girls are estimated to be involved in trafficking in India. Anurekha, the girls of Nijoloy Home and the Women’s Interlink Foundation are challenging social norms, behaviors and perceptions that make India one of the worst places in the world to be a woman.

Through their unique bond, training and performances they are showing the world that the Nijoloy girls are more than just victims, but powerful voices for change. We will make you laugh, cry and touch you deeply with this investigation into the defiant passion, and rebel spirit of a brilliant artist and her ability to awaken the invincible human spirit of the Nijoloy girls.

Make Art. Change the World. Follow the making of the film Redemption with Anurekha.


The Story of Redemption

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Girls are not a commodity to be bought and sold.

Imagine being a young, village girl in rural India. Your father, a poor farmer, is tricked into selling you into sexual slavery for less than a thousand dollars. You never see your family again. You are raped and abused for many years to come. 

Would you seek Redemption?

You Escape …

You manage to escape and are rescued by The Women’s Interlink Foundation. You now live in a house with hundreds of other girls just like you. You are kept in a police restricted area and you are socially ostracized.

A powerful, passionate woman arrives one day with bells on her ankles. You are immediately amazed by her strength, humility and kindness. She has a indescribable glint in her eyes.

The barricades around your heart start to quiver just a little bit as a glimmer of hope emerges.

“Those who do not weep, do not see.” 

~ Victor Hugo

An estimated 1.2 million children are bought and sold into sexual slavery every year.

The figures are astonishing. That is enough suffering to fill an ocean. According to Tearfund,

“Girls from rural villages taken to cities in the promise of jobs and wages are sold to brothels. Even when they do escape or are rescued they can be rejected from their own families and left destitute. It’s under-reported.”

The implications are huge. These numbers may be sickening in and of themselves, but there are faces behind these numbers.

“India is the poisonous hub, for Asia and, some say, the world. End trafficking in India and the worldwide epidemic in human suffering caused by this crime will be greatly reduced”

~  Graham Peebles.

Light On The Film

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 Meet the Unexpected Heroines

Rebel artist Anurekha Ghosh leads the girls of Nijoloy House to storm India’s stages.

Together they confront the same society that has shunned these young women. Through their performances they reveal their immense strength, perseverance and power. And, they spectacularly confront India’s society with it’s shameful legacy of sexual abuse of women and girls.

Nijoloy House is a home of about 200 sexually abused, trafficked victims ages 8 to 20. “The first time I met them I looked at their eyes and they were shining. I felt like there is a lot that they want from me, but there is a lot that I want from them,” reflects Ghosh.


“Some birds aren’t meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright.”

~ The Shawshank Redemption

The film gets up-close and personal with the girls of Nijoloy house to reveal the true story behind sex trafficking in Calcutta and the overwhelming odds and horrible conditions these girls face. Their stories are ones of both pain, beauty and determination. Together we will both deeply touch and entertain you with this heart-wrenching, yet dazzling intersection of stories.

“Contrary to what we may have been taught to think, unnecessary and unchosen suffering wounds us but need not scar us for life. It does mark us. What we allow the mark of our suffering to become is in our own hands.”

~ Bell Hooks


Dancing for Redemption


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The Triumphant Human Spirit

“My vision is to empower them. I am helping them gain confidence and respect from society. My dream is that they stand out as dancers who really have something to say much beyond who just (society thinks) they are. My goal is for them to make an income as dancers. My dream for them is to have a dance company. I will be able to take to them to perform around the world.”

~ Anurekha Ghosh


Despite the odds the girls of Nijoloy house are reclaiming their lives from the epidemic of sex-trafficking. This film will ultimately show the triumphant human spirit of the girls. Their redemption through dance will inspire women worldwide to raise their voices and take action against sex-trafficking in India. We will delve deeply into the depths of human suffering through stories directly from the girls, as well as commentary from Anurekha and various stakeholders.

“The strong survive, but the courageous triumph.” 

Michael Scott

A Dancer’s Voice for the Voiceless

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 “As a dancer you must have a voice.”

~ Anurekha Ghosh


“I personally had to gain my honor and my respect for being a dancer… These wonderful girls are hiding from society who doesn’t acknowledge them. They are abused, trafficked victims, but that is not a crime… If I can transform them into dancers then I can answer back that: you can be an honorable person from the actions that you do.”

~ Anurekha Ghosh

Although earning her Masters in London, being highly awarded and globally acclaimed Anurekha Ghosh still confronts slander for being a dancer. The devaluing of her dedication, discipline and passion for Kathak has driven her to rally the girls of Nijoloy. Her autobiographical depiction will bring life to our theme of Redemption.

This unique story is one of seeking redemption for India’s dancers, due honor for the dance as an art form and freedom for the Nijoloy girls.

This film explores the spirit of dance, and what it means to be a dancer. Ghosh’s powerful artistry is her message to the world. Her passionate dedication to her art form will inspire you to fight for your art, live your life’s passion and uphold your commitment to serve others.

Ghosh’s unique bond with the socially ostracized, sexually abused, traffic victims of Nijoloy House is expressed through the language of dance and what it means to be a dancer.

Together Ghosh and the girls are creating waves in society through their unique bond and artistry. She exclaims,

“Dance is my language, dance is the medium that I have. So I wanted to explore dance by creating this bond between them and me.”

Together, they are creating big changes by transforming themselves through the power of dance.

Ghosh is our fearless protagonist.

Her ‘wow’ factor has won the world over with her dance performances and ability to give voice to crucial issues of our time. Redemption illuminates her rebellious voice, creative spirit, physical stamina, immense artistry and visionary leadership. We will take you on an intimate journey as she empowers the women of India by confronting sex-trafficking.

Anurekha’s shear artistry and determination has gained international recognition for her art form, and herself as a Kathak dancer. She is now fighting for the underdog to gain acknowledgement for the girls of Nijoloy House.

The Dance

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“DEVI” performed by the girls of Nijoloy Home and conceptualized by Anurekha for the International Women’s day celebration created by the Govt. of West Bengal.

(Audio/Visual ~ Learning System.)


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Anurekha Ghosh receives award, speaks and performs at REX: Ideas for action.

Conscientious global citizens, champions of change and thought leadership awards. In partnership with the United Nations and the Indian government.

REX- Not just TALKS! Ideas for ACTION!

The Filmmakers

Carrie E.T. Stiles, Director




Carrie Stiles (M.A. Conflict Resolution) is the founder of Good Karma Media: divinely inspired marketing and mindful media production. She is known for her dedication to nonviolence.

Carrie has worked in the independent film industry in her native Portland for over ten years. She has filmed extensively in Asia including: Bali, Thailand and India. She worked with world renowned environmental activist and thinker Dr. Vandana Shiva in India documenting Structural Violence, Indigenous Peoples Rights and The Life Patent through multimedia in 2009. She returned to India and filmed from the remote location of Ladakh for the Dalai Lama’s Kalachakra initiations for world peace in 2014.

Carrie is a business consultant for female entrepreneurs. And, her commercial film work has been directed on behalf of women spiritual leaders and yoga teachers, trainers and studios. She studies classical Indian dance. Carrie is currently based in Pushkar, Rajasthan.


Julianne Reynolds, Executive Producer


Julianne Reynolds is the founder of Romanski FilmsShe is a filmmaker whose extensive work includes: the short documentary Breasts, which she directed about breast cancer (Official Selection for the New York Independent International Film Festival), Transcendence (Official Selection for the Topanga Film Festival), the feature length film Titans of Yoga as well s My Heart’s Song, Story of Hazrat Inayat Khan, Yoga Maya, Farewell to Harry, and many more independent feature films. 

She also worked on the 2010 Emmy Nominated film No Subtitles Necessary. And, in 2010 she had the honor to film, Wangari Maathai, 2004 Nobel Price Winner from Africa. Currently, Julianne is in post-production for her second documentary film The Mother Matrix, shot in the villages of southern India. 

Julianne sees film as the most powerful tool for global transformation. She mentors young women around the world about leadership and personal development through various outreach programs. Julianne has her own individualistic style, driven by a deep desire to study life, people, eco-systems, and indigenous cultures. 

She works at the grass-roots level; having produced the first Topanga Film Festival, Agnapot Film Festival, which launched her directorial debut of a short film about breast cancer.

Her photographic works have appeared in Yoga Journal, Yoga Times, Whole Life Times, Flavorpill, and Common Ground Magazine, Tathaastu Magazine, Yoga International, Yoga Journal Australia, Ojai Foundation Quarterly and South China Morning Post.

Scott Sanson, Co-Producer




Scott Sanson has worked in the Broadcast TV industry and the corporate video industry for the last 14 years as a producer/director, as well as in the roles of cameraman and editor. His work has included a range of international documentaries looking at different current affairs subjects, and a string of promotional films for the corporate market. Clients include BBC World, Aljazeera International and 3G. More recently his focus is on a large-scale feature documentary Sex To Spirit, which he is directing producing and editing.

Katy Bullen, Assistant Editor/2nd Unit DP


Katy Bullen Good Karma Media Redemption


Katy Bullen is an international documentary film-maker, trainer and consultant with over twelve years of experience. Katy works with film as both an empowerment tool as well as to support spiritual and holistic entrepreneurs.

She began her filmmaking career in Cambodia where she documented the stories of abused and abandoned who were forced into child labour on toxic rubbish dumps. For five years she worked with Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) to help build the capacities of discriminated people, marginalized ethnic communities and human rights organizations along the Thailand/Burma border. 

Katy has worked closely with refugees, migrant workers, Indigenous peoples* and environmental groups to capture their lives and work in film, train them in film production and help them be an advocate for peace, democracy and social change.

Her filmmaking highlights human wisdom and a world that is evolving through more mindful and conscious attitudes. Her work shows a positive and profound understanding of life and the environment we live in.

Erich Demerath, Post-Production




Award Winning filmmaker Erich Demerath is making his mark with Man vs. Film Productions. Erich has a vast amount of experience to bring to the project. He is known for his post-production skills and was nominated for an Emmy award. Erich has worked on numerous feature and short films, television shows, commercials, and music videos.

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