How you can make all your dreams come true. ~ Carrie Elizabeth

What’s your dream?

What do you believe in?

What’s your core truth?

Who are you really?

What do you stand for?

What do you want in life?

How can you become it?

All yoginis should create an altar! An altar can help you to answer these pressing questions, and make all your dreams come true. No seriously…

My travel altar is my refuge.

I’m comforted and centered by unpacking my altar wherever I find myself on this global pilgrimage. I find great peace and richness in activating it’s symbolic meaning with: candles, a bell, incense, flowers, crystals and other sources of life. It’s a big commitment to haul around a kilo, or 6, worth of icons and whatnot, but it is so worth it (I know my fellow bhakti yoginis feel me).

If you are grounded in one place then having an altar will be so much easier. You don’t need to be connected to any specific spiritual lineage to have an altar. Your altar could be a shrine to nature, to your worldly business and life goals (otherwise known as a vision board) or to your family.

Whatever is the most important thing to you. Don’t be shy. This is just for you. A lot of it is working on the level of your subconscious mind.

Some questions to guide your altar creation are:

  • What’s the most important thing in the world to me? This may be something like: freedom, abundance, peace, bliss, beauty, honesty, material wealth, success in my business, my children’s well being etc.
  • What are the most essential qualities, values and characteristics that I want to cultivate in my life?
  • What do I really need right now deep down?
  • What are my biggest dreams and goals in life?

My altar helped me in the hardest times of my life to come back to my truth. It has continued to bring me jubilant joy and great harmony and trust as I continue to blossom on my journey. And I know it will help your dreams to come alive in a very real way.

It’s like tangibly bringing into your world your intangible dreams, truth, desires and fantasies.



I personally inherited the great blessing of Paramahansa Yogananda as my Guru and lineage from my Grandmother. She was a renunciate yogini in his Self Realization Fellowship in Cali and is still a devotee of the great master. So my altar is centered around this lineage of realized yogis, whom I fully and whole heartedly believe in.

For me Yogananda represents infinite and unconditional love and the ultimate truth and so much more.

I’m also really into yogic and Hindu metaphysics and philosophy so I have Shiva installed on my altar (who reps Pure Consciousness), Durga (the divine mother energy) and of course Ganesha for protection and to remove obstacles from my path.

On the more worldly level, I’ll put my bank card and money on the altar to purify it and bless it to attract more abundance in my life. This gesture supports me to overcome blockages around money. Money has a super strong potent energy that enslaves so many of us and bars us from realizing our true selves.

I place all my finances the altar of my devotion. I empty out all my projections, pray to realize that I am the wealth that I seek and offer my resources in service to something higher than my ego self.

How do I know what to put on my altar?


Reflect on the fore mentioned questions. Say your seeking stability and security. Perhaps your a pragmatic person trying to buy your first home, or have a dream to own land. You may find a beautiful key to place on your altar to represent this wish, this desire.

It’s a good idea to have one centerpiece to anchor this space of reflection.

  • What is the one thing you would not give away for ten million dollars?
  • What is your guiding truth?
  • What defines you and makes you who you are?
  • What is that one essential piece that makes your life unique unto you?

Take time to do some soul searching on this one.


Once you have decided on the pinnacle piece to install on your altar: find an appropriate table. I like to use the best place in the room since my life is centered around spirituality, but if you live in a shared space and feel inhibited or want to keep it on the DL for whatever reason then find a humble shelf somewhere. Just make sure it’s in a comfy place where you can make offerings, sit and be with it… Aka meditate.

Once your altar has the essential symbolic components now you can put some life into it. You tend to an altar as you would a garden. The altar is a garden of your dreams treat it as such. Know that it will yield fruit.

What bountiful harvest do you wish to cultivate in your life?

Candles, flowers, incense, fruit and bells are typical ways to put some life into your dreams. If you were into spirituality then I would tell you that the lifeforce, or prana, in in the flowers is actually working on the subtle level. There is a lot more to say about this on the level of metaphysics, but I won’t over do it … if this all makes you uncomfortable you can think of the altar as a personal or business development tool, as well as an art installation.

I promise the things you desire will show up more and more in your life with this practice. Continue to show your dedication, devotion and commitment to your altar. This is a sanctuary for your deepest desires. I hope you find great joy in tending to the garden of your dreams in this way.

Much Love,


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  • Maggie Bkue

    Thank you!

    So good to remember to clean, rebuild and nurture my altar and sacred space


    • Carrie Elizabeth Stiles

      Thank you for your comment Maggie. Yes, altar’s are very powerful. We are right now studying vedic arts and our altar is very sacred. We treat it with so much reverence and respect. It really heightens our awareness, our training and our depth of experience.

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