Right Now: this present moment is my Vision for today (in 3 simple steps).

How do you find present moment awareness and what gifts does this cherished practice bring to your life?

My vision for today is to surrender control and just be in the glory of now. Stop trying to make everything better. Wake up and recognize the beauty of this present moment. Join me!

Right here, right now is everything you need. Take a deep breath. Revel in the light of your awareness right here, right now. See the colors appearing around you as the reflections of cosmic light.

Learn to love everything as it is, in this moment. Rather than conceptualize about how to improve, how to get better or how to be the best, just be here now.

Rather than always evading the ever present perfection of this great moment, take a deep breath and surrender to the eternal presence of divine perfection.

A friend recently called me out on my constant analyzing of the future, wanting to know what is going to happen next. In this stressful tendency towards escapist perfectionism I’m always wanting more.

In so doing I’ve neglected to truly realize the gift of this present moment.

Right now I’m in heaven. I’m at peace. And yet, this moment is so fleeting and so temporary.

What sustains, and what remains when the situation has shifted (as it inevitably will) is my awareness of the breath. This is why breath is integral to yoga as a tool for self realization.

My ability to observe deliberately and savor the subtle bliss of now rests on my awareness of the breath.

I sit here now watching the purple flowers twinkling in the midday light. I look around me at the grace of now. My mind desires deeply to make a story of this moment.

And yet, this moment is perfect unto itself. The story would inevitably be  flawed and dramatized. The story would simply be a distraction of the utter perfection of this complete moment. It would be an unnecessary layering, an indulgence of ego, designed of my own accord.

The story would simply intoxicate and entice me out of this present moment awareness I hold so dear. Regardless of the story my breath remains with me. It sustains me, and it brings me back to the truth. I trust that the breath originates from a pure source.

I trust in the grace of attuning to the subtle bliss of this breath, and the next breath. I surrender to the presence of what is happening right here and right now. In this trust and surrender I am forever free of the stress of not knowing what will happen next.

And what’s more, I don’t need to know what will happen next. I can simply be. I can rest in the the eternal moment of now. Over and over again I remember to remain steadily present in this all abiding and pervasive eternal space beyond space …

If I remember to be aware, and to observe my breath, I’ll forever be available to the grace of this moment. I will be available to the expansiveness of this dazzling reality shimmering everywhere. And I’ll be open to receiving all the gifts that only this moment can bring.

The debilitating questions: why am I not more successful, how can I be more of this or of that, why is my film on hold, why have I not developed my business fully etc, etc, etc (on and on and on) simply fall away as I take yet another breath.

I allow myself to naturally be guided to the beauty of this present moment, and I instantly become more clear. Clarity, freshness even exuberance for this present moment takes hold and I’m able to write. I’m able to sense all that is with me here and now… rather than constantly worrying about what could be better or worse, or what will happen next.

In this present moment, resting in the the stillness and peace beyond the fleeting and temporary external changing reality, I observe my troubles and they become gradually further and further away until the bliss of breath sets me free.

I let go of the many technical and myriad disturbances that trouble me.

How do we come back to this present moment again and again? Training the mind is key. When we learn to observe, to be the witness then we are free from suffering. Our mental afflictions subside, dissolving in the breath, rather than catching us in their constant down pour.

An exercise in pure presence. 

P1370478Full Moon Lotus - Poornima

How to train the mind to rest in the present moment…

The present moment is forever available to you. We can train ourselves to become more aware. We can learn to rest in stillness. And through our practice we can find peace.

Find a comfortable place in your home where you will not be distracted. I recommend using a timer to develop you ability to be present in the moment. It may be helpful for you to set an alarm to practice sitting in stillness for gradually longer and longer periods of time. I highly recommend beginning with 3-5 minutes a day, working up to 5-10 minutes and eventually spending at least 15 minutes practicing meditation each day.

1. Sit down: commit to stillness and be determined.

Take a seat. Pause. Close your eyes. Take a moment to be still. Quiet the body. A still body is a still mind.

If you cant resist fidgeting then try a shorter amount of time dedicated to total stillness. Even if you commit to just being still for one minute with great determination you will start to see results over time, and your capacity to be still will increase.

Create the appropriate conditions to commit fully to your practice. Set an alarm for 3-5 minutes and be fully committed with great will power to be still, even if it is uncomfortable. You can do it!

2. Just breath

The second step is to just breath. For the first minute or so allow the breath to be natural. Notice if the breath is shallow and short, or deep and long: notice if the breath is consistent and regular or if it’s erratic.

Rather than judging our breath, or trying to adjust it in any way, simply attune to the breath. Notice it’s rhythmic nature. And begin to trace the breath with your awareness like a shadow. Continue to follow the breath like a shadow with your awareness. Notice where it rises and falls in the body without trying to manipulate it.

Most often, when we bring awareness to our breath then it naturally begins to become deeper and more consistent. The breath begins to move more fluidly. Keep noticing the breath as it arises and falls with the inhale and exhale. Notice how the breath becomes more full, even and natural. Be soft and easeful as you continue to breath with intention.

3. Find peace and stillness beyond the breath.

We rest more fully in the place of awareness once we’ve committed to (1.) physical stillness with all of our will power, and (2.) continuously observing the breath.

In stillness we observe the breath. Then we gradually bring our awareness to our awareness itself. It takes time and practice and may sound odd at first.

We are trying to identify The place from where you are observing your breath. We are doing this to find the underlying peace and stillness beyond the fluctuating breath. This space is the present moment awareness. We aim to rest our awareness in the stillness beyond the breath.

Continue to observe the breath and enjoy knowing that there is always a place of inner peace that we can return to.

Thank you so much for joining me in this short meditation.

The key lies in constantly practicing this present moment awareness meditation. Be still, breath and observe the breath. Through regular practice we begin to identify with peace itself.

In yogic philosophy we ask, “Who Am I?”

Indeed we are the ever present awareness. We are the place from where we can observe the fluctuating nature of reality. We are not our pain, we are not our suffering, we are not our doubts or our insecurities.

We are whole and complete. We are expansive and free. 

The simplicity of this practice may be arresting. Of course the mind wants things to be complex.

Peace is simple. Give it a chance!

It will not only change your life, and your relationship to the world, but it will undoubtedly change your relationship to this ever present moment. Rather than identifying with the clouds, be the vast infinite and expansive sky: boundless and eternally free.

Many blessings to you and courage and strength in committing to a regular mindfulness practice.

Photos: Good Karma Media

Model: Poornima Ma Eva: www.maevapoornima.com

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