Why You Should Sweep the Floor this New Years Eve (लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु). ~ Carrie Elizabeth

Wow, So much intensity. So much tenderness. So much power. So much creativity. So much love. So much divinity. So much longing…

We are ending an epic year. I know it was a huge one for me. I’m choosing to end this immense cycle of transformation in peace and harmony. I’m closing the year with so much clarity.

My vision has taken shape in the form of this website and all the many dreams, intentions and love it contains. I launch it with a prayer that all beings may be happy and free from suffering.

lokāḥ samastāḥ sukhino bhavantu (लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु)

Tonight, I’ll listen to my intuition and go into retreat. Joining a large group of meditators in offering my life and love to something much higher than my contracted, ego consciousness.

I’ll honor my need for silence in alignment with the natural cycle of winter’s stillness.

I’ll find peace resting in my being during this yin time of year. 

I’ll surrender my everything to something so much greater.

I’ll dissolve into that infinite space and taste bliss in this gesture.

And I’ll be held in divine grace and transcendent beauty.

These past three years living in Asia have been incredibly powerful and transformative. I began this year in torment and pain coming off a hellish winter in America. I was totally out of alignment after burning out in a fire of spiritual/work related glory. I pushed into winter with the same fire alive in the spirit of summer days gone by.

I’ve gone so 906896_874371680401_781421546_odeep: been so high. 

I’ve fallen, experienced immense depths, faced the abyss.

I’ve penetrated into profound levels of existence: time, desire, emotion, energy.

I’ve received grace from above, and been on epic spiritual quests: riding the waves of devotion.

I’ve found the truth of who I am in the
stillness of meditation: a deep knowing in the essence of my offering to the world.

At the beginning of this year I arrived back to Asia exhausted and a bit broken. I was still resting in divine grace: generously hovering over me in my residual grief of my Saturn Returns. When I began living in Asia again in 2013 I was dying to myself: coming off a serious relationship with the “perfect boyfriend”, and failing to obtain my dream job at Mercy Corps.

All my plans, everything I had strived for fumbled through my finger tips as I gasped paralyzed in my fear. I sought refuge in Asia through my yoga and meditation practice. In some ways I was at peace with being wildly not at peace. This juxtaposition would strike me down often.

I was so ready and willing to surrender to in this space of the destructive cycle. Throwing my hands up:

“I never wanted any of this anyways! Please take me now. I must have you!”

I experienced transcendent states through spiritual surrender. I was catapulted far into the mystical cosmos. The mystic in me originated from the traditional place of profound longing: a place of pain and even escapism (like a true pisces moon).

I let go. Shedding the layers of my past life. Setting myself free from the mental prisons I had created. And  drenching myself in the wonders of the celestial spheres.

I was deep into the process of surrendered my life and my practice to the divine will. Taken into the abyss by a sweet, beautiful, divine grief and longing. Yet, in my work I was still deep down trying to prove myself. I felt like a failure.


Blessed-be, I was saved by divine mercy and God’s great love. Hidden secretly in the back of my prized possession, (a gold framed photo of  Yogananda), is a quote that comforted me in the turmoil of devastation,

“I shall be ever with you and through Divine Mother guard you from all harm and I will give you lots of my good karma, so you will get through (the ocean of maya). I will not only ever forgive you, but ever lift you up no matter how many times you fall.”

I threw myself into my work under the shelter of Yogananda’s unconditional love. My work was my refuge. I creating Good Karma Media.

Or rather, Good Karma Media came into being to my astonishment over these past three years. I was just running trying to keep up. My work threw me into an ocean of suffering in the spirit of self-sacrifice and secret fears.

I had so much I wanted to give to others, a deep desire to be loved and find connection: a need to honor my Grandmother’s legacy.

Painfully, I had to “cut my teeth”, and learn the hard way in order to discover what I’m truly here to offer the world. As well as what I am not here to offer the world.

I’m not here to play small.

I’m not here to placate others.

I’m not hear to live in fear. 

I am here to awaken to my divine totality. To my inherent emptiness and the bliss that awakens in such infinite spaciousness.

At the end of this year I’m blessed with so much clarity. I’ve wiped away the grime, blood sweat and tears. I’ve surrendered my pain to the One who loves me unconditionally.


I offer my work up in the spirit of renunciation to the divine. 

I only truly learned how to practice Karma Yoga in the world through the evolution of Good Karma Media. Despite my many years studying and practicing nonviolence or ahimsa (in the tradition of Mahatma Gandhi) it is through my business that this teaching is the most liberating.

In this surrender I have found the joy of Seva, selfless service or Karma Yoga beyond ego and fear, greed and illusion. This yogic practice is an inner renunciation to the divine: dharmic works if you will.

The essence of what I want to share is:  you are the wealth that you seek. There is no greater wealth than the the grace of spiritual truth. There is no greater treasure than the bliss of pure consciousness.

The work is to be open: to expand so as to receive such immense possibility.

980572_10100158755909101_5755652247748966570_oWhen I arrived back to my spiritual village at the beginning of this year I immediately went into the Crown Chakra retreat. It was led by a yogini I deeply admire. In this retreat (one of many) I had many moments of internal struggle: purification from the filth of samsara I had just dragged myself through in America.

There were also divine moments grace through bhakti, devotion and love for the great saints, and my beloved Guru Paramahansa Yogananda especially.

In this retreat my beautiful guide shared a story about Yogananda after coming back from an experience of Samadhi. His Guru Sri Yukteshwar Ji blessed him with this rapture.

Yogananda asked his master, “What do we do now?”

The master replied, “Now we sweep the floor.”

I was at the point of giving up my work, but this story gave me the motivation to offer my service in the world as if I were sweeping the floor.

How can we  sweep the floor in this spirit of devotion, love, emptiness, bliss and infinite freedom?

How can we practice this inner renunciation to something so much greater, to come into resonance with this spirit of eternal freedom?

How can we surrender the ego and step into the light of pure consciousness while still living in the world?

Indeed this sweeping the floor, this inner renunciation to the divine, is the essence of yoga. We do the action, but surrender the fruits to something so much more supreme, more beautiful: that which is infinitely sublime.

You can of course learn about this attitude of yoga in the famous Bhagavad Gita! I love Yogananda’s superb breakdown of the Gita in God Talks with Arjuna. If you really want to know about yoga then you must read this work.

I will end this year also in meditation: in this spirit of renunciation and devotion. I will empty out so that I can be filled with so much light.

The rain has come pouring down at this moment. Washing away all my plans. Will I even make it to the meditation?

I laugh, knowing that it doesn’t matter. I can rest in the truth of who I am here and now. Nothing can separate me from my Self, not even myself.

May the final days of this epic year be full of deep surrender and devotion to the divine.

May you wonder with amazement at the infinite mystery of life.

May you be blessed with bliss through the grace of the great Gurus.

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey. I am constantly inspired by all of you. I know that community and connection are vital to us realizing our full potential to collectively live in beauty, bliss and harmony in the world.

Sending so much grace, beauty and love your way.



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