The Feminine Bliss Body: the pure joy of the shakti sisterhood

“Women are going to form a chain, a greater sisterhood than the world has ever known.”

~ Nellie L. McClung


How amazing is it to have a tribe of powerful women who have your back? If you’re in the world-wide, shakti sisterhood then you know about the collective, Feminine Bliss Body. The feminine body of bliss is the radiance shared from one woman to another. The sweetest nectar in the bliss body is a shared experience of: joy, celebration, gratitude, deep surrender, ecstacy, grace and devotion.

Together we’re diving into this body of bliss. And from there, anything is possible.

In essence the sisterhood can reveal your inner ananda, bliss and ecstacy. However, the way to the Feminine Bliss Body is a deep dive exploring the darkest corners of your psyche. You’ll have to excavate the treasure that waits for you with great care.

Fortunately for you; once you whole-heartedly commit to the quest the sisterhood will shelter you in a safe-space of unconditional loving-kindness and compassion. You’ll be blessed with the right tools for relating and guided by the visionary leaders who are seeding the way to this paradise.

There is only one thing you need to know before you begin: you can never underestimate your sister’s value.


Mirror ~ Mirror


“A sister is more precious than an eye.” 

~ Barbara Kingsolver


Carrie Stiles Nebcat Photography

Your sisters are your mirror.

They reveal your blind spots,

and illuminate your true beauty.

When you look at your sister’s what you perceive is only a reflection of your internal state. Whether you see beauty, grace and abundance in your sisters or ugliness, aggression and despair. If you feel contraction, or negative reactions when you think about sisterhood this is only a reflection of something within yourself. 

Pause for a moment to reflect on your relationships with other women throughout the course of your life. Perhaps you are someone who relishes and savors the uniquely juicy, sacred and intimate quality that can only reveal itself in a well-held circle of empowered women. Or maybe you are a community leader facilitating the coming together of women around the world.

Perhaps you are on the periphery: you have tasted the sweetness of the sisterhood, but are still stumbling to fully tap into the bliss body in a holistic way.

It could be that you, or someone you know, has struggled immensely in relating to women and the feminine aspect.

We all have that woman in our life who is in so much pain, constantly battling herself and projecting her wounds onto other women. This woman reminds us of our own inner struggles. We want her so much to be free so that we can collectively rise together. We want her to be free because we in truth also want to be free.

If you are like the vast majority of women in the world you are still struggling with truly finding your way into the sisterhood fear not. This blog post is intended to inspire you, and give you tools and resources, to tap into the extremely nourishing, supportive and luxurious beauty of being immersed in the feminine.

If you are someone who has consciously cultivated, or was naturally endowed, in the sisterhood then congratulations. Thank you for your essential work. Please, please, please share in the comments how you found your way into the Feminine Bliss Body?

Let’s share this wisdom with the world.

I hope to inspire you: whether you struggle with femininity or work with women who do, to identify with the Feminine Bliss Body. I urge you not to indulge in the extremely powerful, delusional drama of the Feminine Pain Body. The currents are strong, the dangers are many and the losses are huge.

If you could taste a moment of the bliss that is your true radiance then you’d know what you’re missing. Does that peak your interest? How about becoming a bliss connoisseur rather than acquiring taste for pain. 

My intention with this blog post is to shed light on some struggles that women face in uniting in loving kindness with their sisters. I will highlight the essential aspects of sisterhood. And, finally provide a list of visionary sisters who are holding space for women to come together in immense beauty to collectively Live the Dream.


The Collective Feminine Pain Body,

or the Feminine Bliss Body?


“Don’t remind the world that it is sick and troubled. Remind it that it is beautiful and free.”

~ Mooji


Big Hug

You may have heard about the Feminine Pain Body by Oprah’s Guru the enlightened master Eckhart Tolle. Eckhart is one of the most spiritually influential people in the world. Tolle’s revealing of the collective, Feminine Pain Body is extremely valid and very important.

Understanding the Feminine Pain Body will only encourage us more and more to choose not to indulge in this collective hell of fear and misery. Rather, we have the choice to identify with the quality of our true nature, and cultivate our bliss.

You’ll be glad to hear that this blog post is about the Feminine Bliss Body.

No more wasting time miring in the endless sea of tamasic misery and blinding ignorance. We’re here to identify with a grace and beauty that is so far from the cries of the world that the pain and misery that once boomed loudly in your ears will faintly be heard. Rather than falling into the tempting currents of illusion, rise to meet your most high Self.

I urge you to take refuge in the shakti sangha!




The Shadow Feminine

Do you long deeply for profound love and truth in life?


222656_608473282921_6491827_nHave you struggled in your friendships?

Have you lacked female mentorship?

Have you had resistance to your own femininity?

Sisterhood is essential in order to blossom into the full expression of life. If our relationships with other women are blocked then this only shows our own inner limitations.

Maybe you inherited an immature, contracted and limiting aversion to femininity. Or maybe you have built up a strong, protective shell to keep out the daggers of repressed feminine anger, and shadowy feminine manipulation.

Do you feel blocked from connecting with other women? Or are you constantly connecting with women are are enraptured in a trance by their pain, grief and misery?

Perhaps, like me, you were traumatized by your relationship with the women in your family, your early schooling and violated by the corrupt representation of women in mainstream media (that’s a lot I know!). More likely than not you inherited a childishness, and immaturity, towards what it means to be a woman.

The true depths of womanhood were not revealed to you in a timely and natural way.

So often women are blocked from living their dreams, and realizing their full potential, because of their debilitated relationships with other women.

You may feel that you are just an introvert. Someone who just doesn’t get along with other women.

This is like someone with an eating disorder saying that they just don’t like the taste of food. Relating to others is a part of life; just like eating and sleeping. Of course we all do it in different ways, but there is a healthy, optimum way for our unique constitution and their is a debilitated and corrosive approach.

In truth: it is only our own self-hatred and shadows, or unconscious patterns, that block us from connecting with other women.

Few of us were blessed with parents and a culture that attuned us to the Feminine Bliss Body. We were left out of the joyful circle of sisterhood. We were not invited to join together to share knowledge, and be guide through the seasons of life with wisdom. We were not provided a safe and sacred space to expand in pure celebration of the highest form of feminine embodiment.

We haven’t harmonized with the pure nature of our femininity.

The consequences are huge. Our health suffers, we experience lots and lots of pain, misery, depression: but more than that we miss out on so, so, so much love.


“Any time women come together with a collective intention, it’s a powerful thing. Whether it’s sitting down making a quilt, in a kitchen preparing a meal, in a club reading the same book, or around the table playing cards, or planning a birthday party, when women come together with a collective intention, magic happens.”

~ Phylicia Rashad

Carrie Stiles Good Karma Media LiveYourDream

There are many obstacles arising from the Feminine Pain Body. Pure acceptance, without reaction or resistance, is the most important quality for us to transcend this hellish realm.

You’ll only know your true Self, and realize you full potential, when you can accept your sisters. When you accept your sisters as they are, without the need to fix or change them, then you’ll stand in your feminine power.

When you can surrender the tendency to take other women’s actions personally, and become entangled in false drama, then you can focus on the fullest expression of your femininity. This is only possible when we surrender the urge to blame, project or ‘take on’ other people’s experiences.

Accepting your sisters does not mean taking on their suffering, burdens or responsibilities. Being someone’s sister does not mean feeling “bad” for them or trying to make things better. It means continuously reminding each other not to indulge in the mental story, the delusional drama, the false contracted ego, the illusion of fear that distorts our ability to perceive the immense beauty that lies within.

Accepting your sisters as they are does not mean placating them or indulging them in their dramas with pity or sympathy.

You can dodge the Feminine Pain Body through absolute acceptance and impartiality. Then you’ll begin to see that the woman you once “felt sorry for” are actually more beautiful than you could ever imagine: radiant, ever-new, eternal and full of infinite grace.

You’ll choose to no longer see the women around you in their debilitating mindsets of poverty, sickness and ineptitude. Rather you’ll choose to see your sisters in their abundance, truth and beauty. 

You’ll attract more of the women who lead with grace.

Truly we’re attracting the same resonance that we’re emitting. If you look around and see many women in your life who exhibit a certain tendency; then this quality is most likely also your predominant tendency on a deeper level. 

I’ve struggled with wanting to “help” other women who exhibit abusive or self-destructive behavior. We want to fix or change things, rather than accept our sisters as they are. I can only ask myself why? It was my desire to rise myself. To overcome these same unconscious patterns and trends. Underneath our desire to alter things is a deeper desire to accept ourselves unconditionally, and embrace everything with pure love.


Don’t Lean On Me: overcoming the lie of victimization and falling into love.



P1010832Last Day

One of the rules of the sisterhood is that you’ll always have an exalted place in the sisterhood!

In the sisterhood you’ll have women lift you up through your own empowerment. You’ll not be given a shoulder to endlessly cry on, although transformative space for emotional processing will definitely be held. Your emotions will be seen, acknowledged and in this recognition you’ll realize that your tear’s are temporary, your sentiments are fluctuating and your bliss is eternal.

The sisterhood will be there for you when you need a helping hand, but they will not allow you to fall into victimization. They will empower you to look deeply within yourself: to live up to your full potential. They embrace, nurture and encourage your talents, gifts and virtues. And they will hold space for you to dive deep into the water’s of your subconscious terrain to excavate the jewels that have been hidden there.

What a journey!

You made it! Now you can rest with ease in your shared commitment to unconditional love and truthfulness. Your sisters presence comforts you, brings abundance, beauty and joy to you life. You’ll not be judged, deceived, manipulated or betrayed. Your love will be accepted and deeply received. You’ll receive love.

Rewrite the Story 

We must cultivate and develop our relationship with our Supreme or Higher Self first and foremost, and it’s expression, rather than fall victim before the: tempting, powerful delusive, contracted, warped ego stories and personal mythologies.

When we’re firmly established in the exalted form of our own femininity; and it’s great depth, magic and power, then we’ll connect with other women who are: strong, virtuous, compassionate, wild, cultivated and kind.

When you know the truth of the beauty that lies within yourself, then you’ll be able to recognize this virtue in your sisters. This is the fertile ground where the sisterhood flourishes.

The more you connect with other women (in a virtuous way), the less you’ll cling to the delusional lies that keep you constricted in vicious cycles of victimization, self-mutilation and wrong action. Ready for this? When you learn to differential the real from the unreal then the nagging, tamasic, manipulative, confused, distorted, shadow aspect of obstructing both you and your sisters will fall away.

How can we cultivate the sisterhood?


“A sister is a gift to the heart,

a friend to the spirit,

a golden thread to the meaning of life.”  

~ Isadora James


P1010829Last Day

Essential steps to sisterhood. 

The secret to life.

And, learning to receive love…


If you’d like to cultivate beneficial relationships with other women in your life then you must cultivate your own femininity. First of course we have to clean femininity of all the warped projections and distorted perception of our confused mainstream culture. I attempt to provide an exalted view of the true essence of femininity through yoga and taoist philosophy in a nutshell (if that is even possible).

What is femininity? 

Everyone has a masculine and feminine side, both men and women. In taoism the eternal feminine principle is the yin. And in yoga there are many elaborations on feminine and masculine principles. However, in a very tangible sense yoga refers to the left side of the body as the feminine side of our being.

In nature you can see the feminine principle in the ever changing, inconstant moon. The feminine side like the moon governs our emotions, energy as well as the nurturing mother quality in both men and women.

We see that the feminine aspect is exalted in the form of The Virgin Mary, Kuan Yin and the divine mother archetypes around the world such as the Hindu Goddess Durga.

In Yoga


“Each one of us needs to discover the proper balance between the masculine and feminine energies, between the active and the receptive.”

~ Ravi Ravindra, the wisdom of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

HaTha Yoga

In yoga the left side of our body is feminine and the right half of our body is masculine. When we do HaTha yoga we’re balancing the left and right sides of our body: the feminine and masculine, lunar and solar, receptive and emissive sides of our being respectively.

Ha refers to the sun, and Tha refers to the moon.

Just purely contemplate, without jargon, the difference between the sun and moon in it’s actual qualities. You’ll begin to note the real difference beyond what you learned in your intro to sociology class when you were an angst-ridden teenager.


In yoga practice we also do pranayamas, like alternate nostril breathing, to balance the masculine and feminine sides. We balance, harmonize and integrate through the breath. And, this cleansing action is also clearing out our respective masculine and feminine energy channels (Ida and Pingala Nadi – if your into that sort of thing). By balancing and harmonizing our masculine and feminine, solar and lunar, emissive and receptive qualities we can become a more integrated whole.


In Taoism

The feminine aspect is often neglected, unseen in contemporary society. Thus, contributing the great mystery of the yin essence.

Empty Yang

In popular culture we celebrate the solar aspect: the emissive aspect that gives rather than the lunar side that receives. However, often times the emphasize on the masculine aspect is expressed in a distorted or false way. We use Coca Cola, Coffee, Sugar, Fossil Fuels and other fake sources or strength in order to exert this influence. This is called empty yang seen in the “macho-man” stereotype.

False Yin

On the other end of the spectrum is the false yin optimized by the “bimbo” stereotype. The true yin essence is something much more profound than a fake surrender conducted in order “to be liked”. It’s the deepest devotion, it’s the most profound direct-experience of the divine and it’s the storehouse of the most vital nectar.

These are topics worth deep investigation and study. I recommend some courses at the end of this blog post so fear not for any limitations imposed here by this brief blog.

The Feminine Secret: learning to receive


P1010847Last Day

How to rejuvenate and invite in the yin essence.

Most of us are not taught how to deeply receive. Or more precisely the space is not held for our natural receptivity to be cultivated. Yet, learning to receive deeply is vital to our health as well as our relationships. Learning to receive is essential for harmonious reciprocity as the foundation for our own heath and well-being; as well as the functionality of our relationships.

One of my teachers once revealed to me deep in the jungle in an intensive immersion that indeed the secret to life is the yin essence. It’s when we surrender everything in the pure darkness, profound silence and gentle stillness (or the yin) that we clear space in order to receive. In the context of our blog post this is clearing the way for sisterhood and the Feminine Bliss Body.

We must learn to receive deeply.

The neglected half of our being will start to open up when we learn to receive deeply. In a practical way you may even physically notice how your left side is less competent that your right side. Developing the left side of our physical body in harmony with the right side will also support our feminine development like in Hatha yoga. 

Imagine operating with just one leg.

We have to let go, we have to rest and restore and rejuvenate. It’s a natural law. If we continue to drain ourselves by giving, doing, emitting and otherwise being solar in an imbalanced way, without equally taking time to rejuvenate, then we will exhaust ourselves and burn out fast. We will deprive ourselves of so much bliss, so much radiance and so much joy.

Self – Care & Femininity 

It’s your responsibility to care for yourself. Ideally you’d have learned to care for yourself (in an exalted way) through a healthy, natural and civilized initiation informed by an intelligent culture. Often times our needy society, full of desires and demands / corruption and perversion, does not tolerate this basic human right to self care. We’re not cared for well as divine children, and we’re not initiated into adulthood as exalted being.

Contemporary culture is a greed, and fear based culture. This is not conducive to the yin, or the celebration of the feminine essence.

Modern culture is riddled with disassociation (and dislocation) from ancient wisdom. Knowledge systems have decayed and eroded. Philosophies like Taoism, Vedic culture, yogic philosophy, or indigenous knowledge systems have gone to the wayside. Modern consumer culture is set up to take and take and then take some more. And then perceive itself as lacking and then try and fill it’s gapping inadequacies with donuts.

Rather modern society in it’s blindness will drain us until exhaustion gone unchecked by our inner wisdom. So we must, must, must find new and better ways to care for ourselves to reap the vast riches of this life.

Most often deep restfulness, and reverence for the yin essence, aren’t built into our lives.  In our paved paradise, in our high rise buildings and in our fuel-based economy nature’s wisdom is ignored. Spending time in nature with reverence is one of the most pleasurable and profound ways to immediately tune to harmonize and balance.

In nature-based Taoism the feminine aspect is held within the philosophy of yin. There are many phenomenal taoist practices and so much wisdom in Chinese medicine for women. I provide suggestions for further immersion later in this article.

The yin is the cave. It’s that which is dark, cold and still. Think of a still, peaceful pond in the cool night underneath the full moon.

You’ll only find the yin essence, the secret of life, in this dark, cool place. This place emits the ambiance, or quality, of deep restfulness and rejuvenation. It’s not active, it’s not doing anything.

It’s peace. It’s calm. It’s cool.

A simple way to cultivate the yin…


“The dance between darkness and light will always remain— the stars and the moon will always need the darkness to be seen, the darkness will just not be worth having without the moon and the stars.”
~ C. Joybell

Recreate this space in your home and create a pool of yin for yourself to drink from. Turn off the lights. Take care of yourself. Luxuriate in this quiet, peace and restful state. Create a dark, cool, empty space in your home. Play extremely peaceful and slow music. Do absolutely nothing. Just sit, rest and be: sleep, restore, let go. Surrender all burdens and responsibilities.

If it appeals to you then you may like to find forms that represent the yin essence. Forms that exalt the yin essence include Kuan Yin or the Virgin Mary. Create a clear and sacred space for your chosen form.

Just note that if you want to create a Vedic altar then you’ll not offer stones, crystals and other “dead” things on the altar. Rather you’d only place pranic items that have life in them like flowers and incense on your altar. There is a whole science to this that is way beyond the scope of this little blog post, but I thought it would be interesting to note.

By making ritualistic gestures to the quality of the yin essence; and various forms that embody this great mystery, you are sending messages to your subconscious mind. You are clearing our degree and samskaras (latent impression stored in the mind space).

This will help you to prioritize the yin essence in your life.

Believe it or not we’re most often just acting our a feedback loop, rather than consciously living our lives: acting in the world and relating. So send some positive messages to your feedback loop. Create virtuous cycles of rest and rejuvenation rather than vicious cycles of excessive giving, and doing fueled by empty yang.

It’s the yin essence that allows us to receive deeply. It is the feminine way and what creates highly functional continuity in the sisterhood. It is an essential aspect to the Feminine Bliss Body.

Learning to Give Love



Big Love Tao Tantric Arts Shashi Solluna and Minke

The other aspect of receiving of course is learning how to give love. Just as the feminine aspect is receiving. The masculine aspect within us is giving.

There are a million ways the masculine or solar quality of emitting can be distorted, blocked, impure or perverse. More often that not we’re not giving with refined intelligence. We’re just playing out stories in a feedback loop we inherited from our family and our environment at large. We may give back-handedly expecting something in return, we may do something in order to appease our secret fears, we may have a secret agenda and get mad when we don’t get what we want in return.

How do we holistically develop and refine our masculine expression?

In some lineages of yoga we work with energy centers called chakras. These chakras are a language to understand the universe and our relationship to it. We’re stretching ourselves to include a discussion of the chakras in this tiny, blog post however I wanted to mention them as a tool for balancing and harmonizing the masculine and feminine sides of our body.

Briefly a mundane elemental correlation of the chakras:

  • The root chakra is the earth element
  • The sacral chakra is the water element
  • The solar plexus at the core center is the fire element
  • The heart center is the air element
  • The throat chakra is the ether element

Then we have our higher selves at the level of the third eye in the middle of the forehead and crown chakra above the head. Above the elements at the third eye and crown chakra there is no longer any duality, which means there is no masculine and feminine. The throat chakra and below all have a masculine and feminine side.

These chakras may be applied as tools to harmonize, balance, understand and nurture or develop our masculine and feminine expression. We can meditate on these chakras and try to observe them. Of course this is a complex and subtle practice that must be taught with great instruction under the tutelage of an authentic lineage. It takes time and a willingness to understand.

Another way to elevate and develop our masculinity as women is through self-analysis. What is your relationship to everything that is masculine, solar, emissive? What is your relationship like with your father, the government, institutions and the sun? Oh, boy. That’s a dooz-ey and a life-long journey.

Another idea to spark your interest is that the men you are attracted to, the men that you find yourself in relationship with, are actually representing your own inner masculinity. So if your boyfriend, husband or lover is a beautiful, kind, radiant being then rest assured that your own masculinity is likewise of this same character.


Learning to hold space


Beyond masculine and feminine is the neutral space. This is the most profound, transcendent and powerful place from which to observe and witness. This is the practice, this is the tool and this is the way to cultivate the sisterhood. The empty space, the space holder, the one who is creating the pure space dedicated to a much higher purpose is opening the first door to the Feminine Bliss Body.

The power of neutrality

In Conflict Resolution we learn that to transform conflict we must view conflict from a neutral perspective. We’re beyond agenda. We’re space holders.

Learning to hold space is vital to anyone interested in truly cultivating pure relationships. Being a space holder in a spiritual sense if a very big proclamation as it means that you have surrendered and renounced everything to the highest consciousness. You no longer take ownership of your actions, but offer everything you do to the pure Self. Holding space is a practice in renunciation and non-attachment. It’s the highest yoga, or aspires to be.

Here I provide a list of my favorite Shakti Sisterhood Visionaries who are inviting women into The Feminine Bliss Body.

Visionary Sisters


Shashi Solluna & Minke Des Vos, Tao Tantric Arts  


“Your in a very dark place sister.” my divine savioress Shashi Solluna said to me when I wept to her about the depths of my despair. I went to this woman as a last resort, and it turned out she changed my life forever.

P1320296Shiva Shakti

I remember coming upon this enchantress once in a beautiful garden, in front of a pond on the full moon, chanting to the
lunar orb at the exact moment it eclipsed in the sky. I fell madly in love as I heard the ringing of something so true, so loving and so genuine in her voice. She possessed a rare quality I had probably never seen before in a woman: absolute inner radiance and rapture. I would see her so alive with joy across the yoga hall. And, I thought to myself “one day I will be like this woman so full of joy and radiance.”

And then one day I was. My dear friend, sister, mentor, teacher and saviors Shashi Solluna is the perfect intiatress into the Feminine Bliss Body. Shashi offers Sacred Feminine Tao Tantric Arts Teacher Trainings with her co-teacher: the embodiment of taoist sacred feminine wisdom, senior Universal Healing Tao instructor, Minke De Vos.

I highly, highly, highly recommend having this experience of a month of magic with Shashi & Minke.

Shradha Devi, Wild Sacred Feminine 


Ms. Wild, Sacred, Feminine herself Shradha Sonja Devi is a modern day priestess guiding women to embrace their feminine wisdom, power and sacred sensuality. I love her so much I even made this video of her!

She is a teacher of Sacred Feminine Yoga and the Tao Tantric Arts and a women’s Healer, Coach and Author.

Based in the magical island of Bali she teaches Feminine Empowerment and Sensuality workshops and retreats internationally, in which she facilitates Sacred Temple space for women to heal, transform, nourish and reclaim their natural radiance.

Sonja shares practical wisdom for juicy living through the mediums of her books, coaching, one on one sessions, workshops and retreats. And draws upon the 4 archetypes of the wild sacred feminine to help guide women to embrace their sensual feminine essence and create nourishing lives that meet their deepest needs.


Monika Nataraj, Mystical Dance  


The incomparable, divine dancer Monika Nataraj is a nomadic, dancing mystic and Shakti adventurer of the soul. Monika travels around the world offering ancient rituals, and so much mystical movement, tantric yoga, mediation, and dance-based immersions for modern women.

She offers 6-week Mystical Dance Teacher Trainings on the beach in Thailand, as well as shorter Shakti Spirit Teacher Trainings. These course are rich in her treasure trove of spiritual knowledge she received from great masters.

Tina Nance, TNYT Yoga Therapy  10257344_10152984123568593_6078637709568836980_o

A brilliant, beautiful and soothing teacher of great depth. Tina offers Yin Yoga, Yoga Therapy & Mindfulness teacher trainings, and a variety of courses, at gorgeous Yoga Barn in Bali. One of the things I love the most about Tina is her commitment to women’s hormonal balance and sacred menstruation. She teaches in a very clear and intelligent way how we can support, and understand our femininity by developing a healthy and natural relationship to menstruation.

Tina is trained in both Classical Indian Yoga & Chinese Taoist Yoga, & specializes in Yin Yoga & Yoga Therapy. She is the founder of TNYT Yoga Therapy; a fusion of Indian Hatha Yoga & the 5 Element Meridian System of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Ronja Sebastian, Sensual Yogini 


No one believes in you like Ronja does. What can I say about this power-house. My sister, my friend, sometimes my business partner … the one who always brings a smile to my face even when she’s crying.

Ronja is a blissful, honest and enchanting woman. This goddess shares the teachings of tantra with a sharp Gemini mind and Swedish clarity and intelligence. She is lovely and beautiful, loving and kind.

The thing I admire most about Ronja is her commitment to truth and sisterhood. She is really there in being present, and wants to empower you to live a life of immense joy, ecstacy and bliss. Not only that but she has the experience, the tools, the expertise and the drive to achieve her mission.

You can absolutely sign up right now for her online academy Sensual Yogini: Your Online Temple for Feminine Embodiment, Sensual Awakening and tapping into your Limitless Nature…

Living as a Sensual Yogini means diving fearlessly into whatever life brings,

following the resonance of what feels the most expansive, true and loving,

and living in the surrendered trust and knowing that life has our back, we’re never alone,

and we’re always all-one with the mystery and source of all that is.

– Ronja Sebastian

Sofia Sundari, Mystical Femininity 



Sofia Sundari is on a mission. A self-described warrioress. I am marveling at her expansion as she takes off shooting for the stars. We’re all illuminated in the star dust of her heavenly streams as she shares devotional prose and poetry soaked in the essence of truthfullness.

Sofia offers tantric women’s trainings, retreats and workshops around the world with a focus on sacred sexuality. She is currently creating her first online course. You can follower her inspiring journey and receive her teachings on femininity in your inbox by signing up or her newsletter. She writes,

“Mystical Femininity is the project of my heart.  At it’s essence it is a path of a feminine mystic. It is about discovering our true nature, the Absolute, unborn awareness. Which in its depth is beyond the feminine or masculine. It is about dissolving into Love. Into Truth.”


Blaire Lyndsay, Blaire Lyndsay Yoga 



The artistic, kind, sweet, strong and sexy Blaire Lyndsay is softly beckoning women into the Feminine Bliss Body. Her signature offerings are yoga and tantra courses, workshops and retreats globally branding out from her base in Istanbul, Turkey.

Blaire’s loving presence as a joyful and skilled yoga and tantra teacher is an invitation into a very beautiful, illuminated and juicy femininity.



Chloe Slattery, Mojo Mecca 


Do you need a sister to talk to asap? The daring, open hearted and strong Chloe holds space for weekly sister Skype sessions: Sunday at 6PM (GMT+10 HOURS) .

Not only that, but she is sharing her path to reconnect with nature in a holistic, sustainable and powerful way on her excellent blog. 

There are so many visionary amazing sister’s who are doing this epic work. This list is by no means exhaustive. However, they are people I know first hand and feel they represent a good range of what kind of work is being done to uphold the Shakti Sisterhood and open the doors for the Feminine Bliss Body.

In Conclusion,


This one’s for all the ladies. Thank you so much for your love and support. Thank you for showing up for me time and time again. I know your pain. I know your suffering. I know your deep longing to be loved. I know your beauty and grace. I know your tremendous capacity for kindness.Mina Mina and Carrie Stiles by Eric Ajata Alessi Koh Phangan sisterhood Good Karma Media

I also know your fierce, wild face. I know you are powerful beyond measure. And I know sometimes you feel you must hide this strength within you in order to be loved.

It makes me so sad to see you shove yourself into a small thimble and still have room to move. When you: crush your soul to fit into the tiniest of places, starve yourself so that someone may save you in your desperation, adopt dark masks, deranged shadows and mutilate yourself to get attention it troubles me.

In a beautiful moment in a women’s training one of our sweet sister’s wept revealing her secret fear of realizing how beautiful she truly was. What a paradox. What a concept. What a contrast.

We’re the source of that beauty beyond measure. We’re beautiful beyond your ability to even conceive of beauty. Our expansive grace is not our own, but the all pervading, divine and expansive qualities that we all share.

When we’re petty and manipulative we deny ourselves of the delicious grace of the divine mother. It’s often our relationships with our mothers, sister, early teachers, how we were received that limits our ability to connect with other women.

Its time to bring all those barriers down.

Thank you to the women in my life that show up for me everyday. Whether it is as my teacher, friend, muse, savioress or sister I am constantly reminded of the power of sisterhood.

Have you had a powerful experience with sisterhood? Did this blog post inspire you? Confuse you? Aggravate or annoy you? I really, really, truly want to hear about it! Please leave your comments below and I will absolutely get back to you.


Carrie Elizabeth

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  • shashi

    Thanks for a great article Carrie…super inspiring to the sisterhood out there.

    Yes we do indeed focus on the Yin Essence in our trainings….because the world is drying out. In fact it is parched of the precious yin! Now we have street lights and noise pollution, and there is not enough deep restful quality to balance all the action and activity. We have a yang excess. It affects everyone…but most of all us women. We are harmonious with the Yin. When we bleed we yearn to crawl under a duvet and melt into a womb-like space once more.

    So to rediscover our femininity, we have to reclaim the yin. Not that we want to deny the yang within us, but we need to nourish the yin essence that we become full once more with that deep source of life force that comes from the Great Feminine.

    From here we have the energy to give our love to the world. And a woman cannot feel truly fulfilled unless she is giving her love! To our lovers/partners, to our children, to our community…we yearn to give love!

    So let us receive once more the love from Mama Earth, from nature, this planet…that we are full and overflowing with energy and love to share with others. Jai Ma!

    • Carrie Elizabeth Stiles

      Happy Nyepi, Mahashivratri and Solar Eclipse beloved sister, savioress and mentor. I remember how powerful our day of silence was in Bali during the Sacred Feminine Tao Tantric Arts retreat in the Bali Ecovillage… nestled deep in the womb of the jungle valley… with lightening inspiring our verdant, green canyon with the power of truth.

      Thank you for sharing these important teachings with us. They are at treasure and have given me the missing puzzle piece, the secret key, to becoming a woman. And just at the right time!

  • Ronja Sebastian

    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom in this deep, rich and beautiful article Carrie!

    I feel blessed to find sisterhood wherever I go. Last night I sat in a circle of 7 powerful women here on the island of Kauai.

    When women awaken, mountains move. And when we join geniuses there’s no upper limit to what we can enjoy and accomplish.

    Surrendering into the feminine bliss body…

    Much love to you,

    • Carrie Elizabeth Stiles

      Wow, very powerful “When women awaken, mountains move.” And we can move through the mountain also gently like the Lotus flower right Shashi and Minke : ) I love and miss you and adore following your journey Ronja. Thank you for your strength, perseverance and willingness to dig deep to relinquish all that is not true and shine in the light of our true beauty. I love that you are always willing to take smart risks, open up and expand and share your experiences with us in a beautiful and uncensored capacity. Your online presence has been very encouraging for me. Thank you for all your love and support.

  • Shradha

    Dear sister, what a wonderful series of jewels you have offered here in this beautiful article, YES the shakti sisterhood is a support that helps us all to flourish and re-write the story of separation and delusion in the most BLISS FULL way possible ! THANK YOU for sharing with us your enthusiasm and commitment to self study and evolution and LOVE. Like you i feel so so honoured to be a part of the re awakening of the collective feminine bliss body, love you xx

    • Carrie Elizabeth Stiles

      It is truly my pleasure Shradha, as it is my pleasure to follow you in your amazingly engaging Wild Sacred Feminine extravaganza. I loved loved loved the nakedly unashamed FB group project and challenge. What a genius way to innovate through social media for good. Following you always. XOOX

  • Monika

    Potent. Nourishing. Sacred. Sisterhood!

  • Monika

    Potent. Nourishing. Sacred. Essential. Sisterhood!

    • Carrie Elizabeth Stiles

      Ahh yes so true. So happy to have your readership and comment as a pioneer of the shakti sisterhood Monika Nataraj!

  • Nicole

    Deeply resonate with your post! Thank you for sharing Sister.
    I facilitate Sacred Women Circle’s in Berlin, Canada and Hawaii.
    I am in the process of writing a book on Sisterhood and the Sacred Feminine now…
    Would love for our paths to cross one day.
    With love,

    • Carrie Elizabeth Stiles

      Wonderful to connect with you Nicole. I would love to read your book. Do you have a website? Thanks so much for your comment. I truly appreciate it. XOXO, CS

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