The Lotus Economy: how to create infinite abundance in your life. ~ Carrie Elizabeth

Are you trading in the lotus for the mud?

No need to roll around in the dirt: immense wealth and prosperity are actually your true nature. Time to polish your diamond and start attracting the abundance that you truly are.

If there is one thing I want to share with the world it is that you are the wealth that you seek.

What a relief. You can finally let go of all that toxic, deathly stress you’ve accumulated around finances, money, greed, materialism, commercialism and whatnot. Your learned fear around money, wealth, success, social status and the like are not serving your highest interest. Learn to disassociate your identification with these contracted limitations so that you can begin to discover the pure gold within. 

You can let go over and over again. You can learn to receive the grace that is your true nature. You can clear out, purify and cleanse yourself from all the lame conditioning of contemporary consumerist society and shimmer into your divinity. 


Trust me: fear, stinginess and greed are not a good look for you. 

Jim Carrey recently came out of the rich man’s closet and famously said

“I think everybody should get rich and famous, and do everything they ever dreamed of, so they can see that it’s not the answer.”

The famous comedian in another moment speaks about waking up to our infinite nature,

“… suddenly I was thrown into this expansive amazing feeling of freedom from myself from my problems.

I saw that I was bigger than what I do. I was bigger than my body. I was everything and everyone I was no longer a fragment of the universe.

I was the universe and ever sense that day I have been trying to get back there. It comes and it goes, it is like riding a wave sometimes I am on, sometimes I off but at least I know where I want to go and I want to take as many people with me that I possibly can because the feeling is amazing. It is our intention because our intention is everything, nothing happens on this planet without it, not one single thing has ever been accomplished without intention.”

He is describing a moment of realizing his infinite, pure, unconditional, transcendent, total, pure nature. Any material wealth or fame pales in comparison once you get a glimpse of your true nature. Once you start on this journey to wake up over and over again: in every single moment, in every breath, in every step, in every action to your true nature then abundance will flow more effortlessly through you and to you.

Hopefully Jim’s moment of insight will help more people to arrive at the feet of the great masters who know this truth on a much more profound, embodied and realized level.  Paramahansa Yogananda Ji once said, “If you could feel a moment of the bliss that I feel then you would know what you are missing.” Material gratification, and worldly success, can’t even touch the real source of abundance itself.

It is too immense, too beautiful, to dazzling, to profound.

Go For The Gold



The gift of realizing your abundant nature remind me of the (13th-14th century) Golden Buddha statue (Phra Phuttha Maha Suwan Patimakon) in Bangkok’s China Town. Two hundred years ago monks hid the 5.5 tonne gold Buddha inside plaster to protect the treasure from being stolen by invaders. No one knew that the plaster Buddha was actually pure gold inside until they tried to move it. The statue crashed to the floor, breaking the plaster and revealing the 250 million dollar statue inside.

If you really want to go for the gold then shift your focus to the bliss of your essential beauty even while you are gracefully developing your dream business. We all have our dharma and our karma to act out in the world, but that doesn’t mean you need to suffer.

You can Live Your Dream with the support of infinite abundance embracing you. So much ecstacy and expansion is waiting for you on the other side. Can you hear the call of freedom?

It’s up to you to set yourself free.

Living My Dream


Right now I am living my dream of dancing Indian Classical Odissi Dance with my hero Colleena Shakti in a 300 year old Krishna temple in Pushkar, a Holy City in Rajasthan. In addition to being immersed in her Odissi temple dance lineage: Colleena documents, preserves and dances with the Kalbelia Gypsies.

She describes in a short video piece the Kalbelia people’s strong detachment from superficial materialism that so many westerners struggle with,

“These people who are villagers, who are nomads: these traditional people who I’m associated with in Rajasthan, teach me what it is to be detached and living in the present moment: not worrying about fame and fortune, not worrying about where I stand in society.”

When you know the absolute truth that you are the jewel in the lotus flower, and have deep faith in this precious wisdom then all wealth, prosperity and abundance will flow your way. 

This is the law of attraction, or the law resonance. 

Indeed, like attracts like. My own resonance, my energy, my behavior, my thoughts, my relationships, my environment generates more of the same. It is echoing back to me who I think I am and what I express. We create our own reality. Seriously! 

Be empowered! 

You’re the master of your own destiny. Only you have the power to make all your dreams about wealth, prosperity and abundance come true. I dare you, for just one moment, to leave everything behind (as Mooji says) and step into the possibility that you are wealthy beyond measure.

All you need is a shift in perspective. Quit your false identification with stuff and begin to identify with abundance.

The Sankalpa (संकल्प)


“Keep your best wishes, close to your heart and watch what happens” ~ Tony DeLiso, Legacy: The Power Within

“Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love; it will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature.” ~ Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

In Yoga there is something very beautiful. It is called a Sankalpa, or seed of intent. We think of something we desire. It doesn’t have to be stereotypically “spiritual”. It could be anything from self-realization or ecstatic bliss to a pink Porsche with sparkles. 

We plant this seed of intent inside of us and are guided into a state of lucidity, yogic sleep, called Yoga Nidra. When we end the meditation we realize that we are what we seek! How fantastic is that? The sankalpa is rooted in the truth that you already are who you need to be to fulfill your life’s dharma. 

A resolve or sankalpa is made during the practice of yoga nidra. It should be something of immense importance to you. Resolves are short sentences of moral significance to be embedded in the subconscious such as ‘I resolve to stop smoking.’ In the state of yoga nidra passivity, this autosuggestion is very powerful. Such resolves can change your whole life. They will certainly come true if you repeat your resolve with enough conviction. By this method you can change old habits and cure certain mental illnesses. Sankalpas can have a spiritual objective like ‘I shall become more aware.’ Your sankalpa or resolve should be repeated several times during the practice.

~ Swami Satyananda Saraswati

The Power of the Subconscious Mind.



You can change your life if you can change your mind. Wow, our subconscious mind is so powerful. It is so strong. There is so much hidden depth, substance and magic in the deeper sub levels of the mind. 

Have you ever given your subconscious mind a listen? Is it saying nasty things to you? Telling rumors about you?

Way deep down in the depths of the mind there are hidden fears, repressed memories. 

Blessed-be! We can excavate, clean, clear, purify, refine, and make peace with our subconscious mind. How? Have a good listen. What is your subconscious mind telling you at the level of intuition? What are your hidden thoughts, secret fears, most intimate dreams and fantasies?

Don’t be shy… take a peak. 

Perhaps there is a level of discontentment grumbling under the surface. How about giving yourself a hand. Go on an expedition: descending down the spiral staircase, under your bed, into the secret underworld of your subconscious mind. 

What Demond’s lay below? Don’t be afraid! They only want your love and compassion like everything else in the world. 

You can tame these ferocious monsters by looking them in the eye, asking them what they want and having compassion for them. Make a deal to work things out with your subconscious mind to create more peace and harmony.

This will likely require a level of intuition that you can cultivate in yoga and meditation. And it also may open a Pandora’s box so be kind to yourself and have patience and persevering passion. Also, having a spiritual community is super helpful. 

Once we make a deal with our subconscious mind to work things out then we can start to introduce the truth that we are perfect beyond perfection. And that we are the wealth that we seek. If we don’t clear out all the garbage first then our mind will reject this truth. It’s like clearing the table before spreading out a massive feast. 

Know that you are the wealth that you seek.

Don’t give away your riches to be digested by greedy demon’s lurking in the corners! They will forsure gobble them up without a second thought. Polish your inner diamond and shine your heart of gold out into the world. Cherish and care for yourself as you would for someone you love more than anything. 

This is not an ego-trip. We are not saying, “Because Your worth it” like a bad Loreal commercial. We are not referring to the contracted ego self. Rather, we are surrendering the limitations of the small self in dazzling favor of something so much greater: an infinite kingdom of treasures beyond your wildest imagination.

Of course, this will also do wonders for your ego. There is no need to degrade the ego in yoga. Keep your ego noble as Yogananda has said. At the same time acknowledge and do not deny or repress your fears. So much grace and mercy is needed. 

On the interpersonal, more like psychotherapy, level you can gain self confidence with this practice in a worldly way. In addition to being a path to self realization: yoga is great psychotherapy for the personality and relationships. On the personal level yoga can help you to prioritize and honor your beautiful human needs. It helps us to take care of ourselves and our needs as if we are caring for the most precious gift in the world, because we truly are!

This is the Lotus Economy.



“I have left a few paltry rupees, a few petty pleasures, for a cosmic empire of bliss. How then have I denied myself anything? I know the joy of sharing the treasure. Is that a sacrifice? The shortsighted worldly folk are verily the real renunciates! They relinquish an unparalleled divine possession for a poor handful of earthly toys!” 

~ Bhaduri Mahasaya

When you know deep in your heart that you are the jewel in the lotus flower then your being will shine. Your inner radiance will dissolve all limitations and we can then attract the wealth that we, in truth, are.

Let your ego and it’s hidden, subconscious fears burst into a trillion drops of bliss: showering you, your loved ones and helping you to realize your true self. Step out of suffering and help others to do the same.

In conclusion, 

What’s inside of you is perfect beyond even the concept of perfection. No amount of seeking will endow you with this abundance. We have to take off our blindfolds, set ourselves free from mental prisons, lift the blinds, clean off the windows and let in the light.

If you were dripping in priceless jewels:




and diamonds …

would you act and feel differently? These jewels are all hidden inside of you. More dazzling than you could ever imagine. They can never be taken from you.

The Lotus Economy is only waiting to be discovered in the diamond studded caves where the yogini’s dwell. Now is the time to excavate these hidden wonders. Yoga, meditation, mantras and visualizations can help by giving the gift of mindfulness. 

Wishing you so much faith, devotion, freedom and persevering passion on your initiation into The Lotus Economy.



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  • shradha

    Thank you for sharing your jewels and inspiration Carrie, i know you live it.

    • Carrie Elizabeth Stiles

      You too dearest Shradha! Your blogability is always amazing me! Thank you for putting yourself out there and sharing your message so passionately. You are definitely an entrepreneuress to watch !

  • Gina Rodondi

    Such inspiring words! Truly, it takes the deep digging and then making peace with our limited ego-self, which paves the way to the full embracing of the true Self. Indeed, it’s helpful to start first with the inward focus–of finding that essence of richness that cannot be stolen from us that exists in our own hearts. As you mentioned, working from the inside first with the assistance of yogic practices and also the practice of self-inquiry aids in ironing out the edges of our relationship to scarcity that has been hammered into our minds via our culture around money and material possessions. It’s a long road to transcendence and the shifts that we all desire that provide limitless possibility–but with a committed focus, none of the efforts made to move into freedom from that which binds us ever go to waste. I love the very simple questions that Alan Watts brought forth, which are: “What would you do like to do if money were no object? How would you really enjoy spending your life?” It’s the pursuit of the money and stuff that enslaves us. Whereas if we had the courage to do exactly what it is that our hearts are telling us to do, then we wouldn’t be in this predicament of enslavement and unhappiness in the first place.

    • Carrie Elizabeth Stiles

      Thank you Gina for your super thoughtful reply. Yes, scarcity mentality is so over! Lets face it and be done with this illusion and step into the abundance of our true nature. Thanks for the Alan Watts inspirations… a lot more to study from his powerful voice.

  • Trillium Seafyre

    Thank You Beautiful, for all the Truth, Courage, and Joy you share with the World ~ I Love Your Commitment to spreading Insight and Light and your candid sharing…. You Are so Appreciated! <3 <3 <3

  • Shawn Klemmer

    Carrie lays out some beautiful invitations: to embody our own wholeness and to recognize it as abundant. What happens when we stop imagining abundance as something separate from our own true nature? Maybe each of us gets to live our own answer.

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