Why Real Yogis Drink Coffee: How to make your cappuccinos sacred, ritual espresso and other ridiculousness …  ~ Carrie Elizabeth Stiles 

What happened to my hemp-milk latte?

Have you ever found yourself gapping with wonder at the once steaming, now empty, coffee cup: once so full of promise, now barren before you?

You have no recollection of the divine elixir swirling down your throat. Perhaps a trace of stevia leaves a trail from the dripping spoon splayed across the table. The delicious scent still lingers on your tongue as you dash off to play acro-yoga in the park, yet you remain perplexed.

Most of the time when we’re drinking our cappuccinos we are actually unconsciously ingesting our projects, our worries, our thoughts.

We’re not present. 12459728_10100490548963161_114463712_n

We’re not aware.

We’re not even actually drinking our coffee.

Warning! You may be imbibing an illusion: guzzling samsara down by the mouthful. Are you indulging your guilt, your projects, your worries rather than being present with your sacred cappuccino? You probably wouldn’t even notice if their were Asuras bathing in your delicately brewed cup.

Shamelessness and sacred cappuccinos for all…

Have you ever said, “I really shouldn’t” while sneakily perpetrating some vile yogi sin such as indulging your tamasic coffee addiction? Only to be salaciously diving in to your massive elixir, take-away cup and all, riding the waves of stimulation to your next vinyasa class?

How many times has the virtuous, pure and good yogi in you tried to quit your latte? I confess, once I made it three days in a high-quality coffee zone without my daily puja to the coffee spirits (I am from Portland after all). I’ve wondered in my profound quandary,

“is there a way to magically make my demonic coffee sattvic and pure?” 

Big questions I know. After my frequent reflections and dialogues with the yogini coffee society  I’ve come to the following conclusion: surrender, be present and experience the bliss of a lovingly crafted espresso. 

12467756_10100490549117851_2043267998_nMia, a Swedish-Ubudian Goddess, and I have made a ritual out of our espresso totake take the pressure off. We are transfiguring our lust into devotion and gratitude for the abundance we are blessed with. Who knows, this shift in perspective may loosen up our attachment and clinging to this powerful and intoxicating tonic. One day we may even be holding tea ceremonies. So if you are:

drinking your guilt,

drinking your yogic shame,

drinking your temptation and desire …

then it’s time to allow some ambrosia to drop into your glass from above.

Here is how real yogi’s drink coffee:

1. Just Breath!

Come alive by taking a few deep cleansing breaths.

2. Be present.

Ask yourself, “am I aware?” Connect with your Self and find a stillness within you.

3. Make A Blessing.download

Create your own signature coffee drinking prayer. Drink in the light of the devas by making a gesture of blessing: energetically or in prayer. This could be just a moment to feel grateful. Invite whatever energies you would like to be involved in this divine dalliance. Be creative or traditional, its up to you.

4. Drink mindfully, observe and engage your senses to invoke bliss:

Smell your beloved beverage as if it were your last. Taste it with the same subtle inquiry as a heavenly connoisseur. Notice the hints of flavor on your tongue, how it feels swirling down the throat.

5. Become aware of the effects of the drink on you.

What is the quality of the sensation? Is it upward moving or downward moving energy. Is it clearing out or blocking? Is it an explosive energy or a dulling energy? Take your time to savor and reflect.

In Conclusion,

So remember this very practical advice that if you want to be fully liberated than you better drink your cappuccino as if it were immortal nectar poured down just for you from Shiva himself.

Global spiritual leader Thich Nhat Hanh says that it is a miracle to eat bread. The Buddhist master explains that the reason why Christians symbolically eat the flesh of Christ in communion is to radical shock people into being present. This is mindfulness.

We could all use a lot more mindfulness around our consumption. So the next time you sit down for your cappuccino drink it like a yogi with devotion to the pure light of consciousness: mindfully with gratitude and bliss.

“Afterwards, all adjourned upstairs for yet more coffee, and of course conversation about coffee. There was general agreement with Mr. Iyengar that coffee is certainly the soma rasa ( the intoxicating nectar of immortality) of the Kali yuga (the present age of darkness)- to which Pattabhi Jois added, “Yes, and you get so many different brands of soma rasa in the shops these days!”  

~ Raghurum

Alright, lets hear from you! Do you have a yogic way to drink coffee? Or is your desire pure lust? Do you think coffee is the devil’s drink? Or what are your favorite rationalizations for your addiction? I want to hear all about it…





P.S. Real Yogis Drink Coffee

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